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Photo Gallery

2014-2015 Grants Awarded by the Connetquot Foundation

Ryan's Garden - Slocum Elementary School
Memorial to a Slocum student who passed away at the age of 10 years old.
Click here to view Ryan's Garden photos.

Courtyard Classroom - Bosti Elementary School
Outdoor classroom where students can read, write, and enjoy the great outdoors.
Click here to view the Courtyard Classroom

Environmental Science Class - Connetquot High School
Students Austin Bates and Walter Cunningham test the pH of water using the Labquest 2 and probe. Environmental Science classes will be using the Lab Quest in the Fall 2016 to test the pH of soil.

2013-2014 Grants Awarded by the Connetquot Foundation

  • Duffield Horticulture Adventure / Jo Ann Walters, RN at Duffield
  • Vegetable and flowers were started as seeds on window sill of Nurse’s office
  • Students / families hand painted rocks to edge garden
  • Custodians put together glass green house
  • Students sent a letter to Mrs. Michelle Obama with salsa recipe
  • Mrs. Obama sent back signed pictures of herself and family dogs
  • planted: cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grape vines
  • Purchased 68 azalea bushes that were planted around building, outside and in garden area
  • Excess food donated to Club House of Suffolk, local food pantry
  • Will lead to healthy snacks, will create a cookbook with healthy snacks recipes
  • Bicycle Education: Cycling for Lifelong Fitness / Kelly Unterweiser, CHS PE teacher
  • 11 Bicycles were purchased
  • 15 Helmets were purchased, coffee filters are used to keep heads clean, hygienic
  • Students learn ABC’s of bike safety, bike parts, caring for bicycling equipment
  • Students ride around High School campus
  • Three teachers are using the bikes in class settings, (orienteering, hiking, )
  • All aged students participate ( 9th through 12th grade students)
  • Students love the program, run to PE class, excited to participate
  • Bikes stored in equipment closet, numbered and locked when not in use
  • Next year hoping to set up a “Triathlon” including swimming, walking and riding
  • Students wrote essays, said it was best experience, they enjoyed class, never rode bikes before, nice unit, learn to be safe on the road with bicycles,
  • The Wash Kit project / Laura Chiarelli, Kim Patterson, Laura Nektaredes, teachers from Bosti
  • Students started by reading three books about people who live without common necessities:
  • Can Man, Claude the Dog, and Lily and the Paperman
  • Students wrote letters for donations from local hotels
  • Local Dentist gave toothpaste, One hotel gave soap
  • students and families  gave most donations
  • Students packed kits during lunch / recess
  • Kindergarten classes made drawings that were included with the wash kits
  • Channel 12 came to interview students
  • PTA gave help with project, Ms.’s Chiarelli, Patterson, and Nektaredes will present to PTA tonight
  • County Social Services Dept. came to pick up packets: Amazed at quality and quantity of kits
  • Will continue program next year, pay it forward
  • Feel the Rhythm at Idle Hour / Kelly Daugherty,  Music teacher from Idle Hour
  • 6 sets of instruments were purchased before Christmas
  • Due to early order, discount and free shipping, the instruments cost less than planned
  • Students are able to use quality instruments to learn rhythm at Idle Hour
  • Types of Instruments purchased: cymbals, drums, tambourines, maracas, triangles
  • Students don’t have to sit and wait for a turn, enough instruments all can play, experience many different instruments that make noise, shake, rattle, thump, bang
  • One Book, One Bosti Community / Annamarie Tongue, Librarian  from Bosti
  • Character education program, bully prevention
  • Author: Trudy Ludwig, has two books dealing with bully prevention
  • K - 2nd grade book: Sorry; 3rd - 5th grade book : My Secret Bully
  • Whole school had questions to take home and share book with family
  • Book for families to write statement about the book to leave for all to see
  • Two Skype sessions with author from Oregon: K - 2 session and 3 - 5th grade session
  • Breakfast for all
  • Projects from book: k - 2 created book jackets, 2 - 3rd graders created cereal box reports with props; 4 - 5th graders created letter writing  project sent to author.

Connetquot Foundation: Grants Awarded
2012 - 2013

Grant:                            Connetquot Robotics Team 3137             
Applicant:                      Janet Abbondanza
School:                           Connetquot High School
Amount Received:          $2,500.00 

Grant:                            Foreign Language Expo
Applicant:                      Donna DiNatale
School:                           Ronkonkoma Middle School
Amount Received:          $398.11

Grant:                            Building Beautification Project
Applicant:                      Kelly Randazzo
School:                           Cherokee Elementary School
Amount Received:          $250.00

Grant:                            Grey Squirrel Nesting Box Build and Construction
Applicant:                      Lori Forgione
School:                           Connetquot High School
Amount Received:          $250.00

Grant:                            Promethean Activ.Board Mobile 378Pro
Applicant:                      Nichole  Johnson and Adina Fernandez
School:                           Premm Early Learning Center
Amount Received:          $5,000.00

Grant:                            Technology Enrichment
Applicant:                      Alison Alongi
School:                           The Nursery School (Universal Pre- Kindergarten)
Amount Received:          $550.00

Grant:                           Library Literacy Luau
Applicant:                     Connetquot Librarians (Laura Mansfield)
School:                          All schools – held at the Connetquot High School
Amount Received:          $498.67

2011- 2012 Grants Awarded

Lynn Parks and Brittany: Real Care Baby Simulators for CHS AP Child Growth & Development Course

Donna DiNatale: Flamenco Dance Group

Krystal Sacaridiz: ELMO computer system for Idle Hour Art Classroom.

Kelly Randazzo: Cherokee Street School Garden

Angela Fortgang and Ursula Waters: Dallas Brass Band Visit to CHS through ORBBA Music Group

Literacy Luau - Library Media Specialists

Other Grants Previously Awarded

Connetquot High School, $4,800- Multi-Media Literacy for the Science Classrooms
Video Equipment for Web Casting
Cherokee Elementary, $500- Kids + Games = Learning Board Games for Learning
Oakdale- Bohemia M.S., $2,000-Reebok Body Sculpting, Sports Event
District -wide $4,000-Anti-Bullying Training Seminars & Workshops
Idle Hour Elementary $1,500- Song Writing with Rick Charette Four Performance Workshops
John Pearl Elementary $5,200 Lego Robotics Science /Technology Engineering Project
Idle Hour Elementary $5,000- Tranverse Climbing Wall Sporting Equipment
Oakdale - Bohemia M.S. $5,000- Dance, Dance Revolution Fitness Program
Cherokee Elementary $3,000- Author Visit and Books Duffield Elementary $2,000- Author Visits and Books
Bosti Elementary $2,000- Changes for Life, Fit for Kids Health and Fitness Program



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